Pricing Explained

If you want to arrange a Melia Powell Funeral Service direct cremation, need urgent advice or to ask us about any aspect of our service, simply get in touch on 0800 092 0959.
Alternatively you can email us at
We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Direct Cremation - £975


  • Expert Guidance and Support
  • Transfer of your Loved One
  • Care and Preparation
  • Simple Coffin
  • Crematorium of Our Choice
  • Transfer to the Crematorium
  • All Cremation Fees
  • Scattering the Ashes




What’s included in our £975 funeral package?

A Melia Powell service has everything you need for a simple cremation.


• Expert guidance and support
• Transfer of your loved one from hospital, hospice or coroner’s mortuary within 25 miles of our base in Keighley during normal working hours1 (We can collect outside of this area but any additional mileage is charged at £2.00 per mile)
• Care and preparation of your loved one in our private chapel of rest
• No compromise in the quality of care we provide
• Dressing in Gown
• Simple coffin with wood effect print
• Transfer to the crematorium of our choice for an early morning service
• All cremation fees
• Cremation to take place within 21 days from arrangement confirmation
• Scattering the ashes in the Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium2

1Transfer in normal working hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays) within a defined 25-mile geographical radius of our funeral home in Keighley. For transfer outside of this area, we can collect but any additional mileage is charged at £2.00 per mile.
2Alternatively you can collect the ashes direct from the crematorium. We will ask if you wish to collect your loved one’s ashes when we arrange the service for you.


• Collections made from a private residence, care or nursing home3
• Collections made out of normal working hours3
• Visiting the deceased in our chapel of rest
• Doctors’ fees (a statutory requirement in some cases. Fee is £164 for the two Doctors who must sign the certificate of cremation)
• Embalming
• Couriering of ashes to your home address

3For collection from private residence, care or nursing home or collections made outside of normal working hours, a £195 additional fee applies.

Simply ask us for details and we will confirm all costs before you decide to go ahead.

Additional Services


  • Out of Hours Collection – £195
  • Coffin Upgrade – from £185
  • Embalming – £120
  • Dressing in Own Clothes - £75
  • Viewing & Dressing - £130
  • Additional Mileage – £2.00 per mile
  • Courier Delivery of Ashes – POA


0800 092 0959


Addition Service Options Explained

We have a range of funeral service options to choose from in addition to our basic Melia Powell service.

Collection ‘out of hours’ or from a residential, care or nursing home address:

Transfer of your loved one from private residence, care or nursing home – £195
Transfer of your loved one from hospital, hospice, coroner’s mortuary (out of working hours) – £195
Additional funeral/collection mileage – £2.00 per mile

Upgrade the coffin:

The coffin provided is a simple coffin. You are welcome to select a superior coffin finish as an upgrade from £185.

Embalming of deceased – £120
Dressing in Own Clothes – £75
Viewing & Dressing – £130

Courier Delivery of Ashes to your postal address:

For an additional fee we can arrange for your loved one’s ashes to be returned to you via a courier within 7 working days of the cremation service. Please ask us for a quotation as couriers’ charges depend on distance to your home address.